Hales Handyman Services specializes in small to medium scale residential repairs, maintenance and renovations.

With a wide range of knowledge and experience our staff pay attention to minor and major details, striving to provide an aesthetically-pleasing, durable and functional product.

Servicing Brisbane and surrounds

Why choose us?

Established in 2016. hales handyman services has always strived to provide the best experience for our clients while providing high quality workmanship.
We care about your home and our work, ensuring all our work meets Australian standards at a minimum while providing a guarantee for all our workmanship.  
We can carry out a large range of work, organising other licenced trades where required, ensuring you only need to make one phone call to hales handyman services, leaving you at peace of mind knowing your projects are being carried out by a professional.

Workmanship Guarantee

Hales Handyman Services provides a written warranty for all workmanship, the length of warranty depends on the scope of works carried out. We are committed to ensuring that if its worth doing its worth doing once. Our work is our passion.


For bathroom and laundry renovations, a  5 year non-transferable warranty is provided for all waterproofing work carried out. We take any wet area construction very seriously, a correctly waterproofed area starts at the substrate, whether this be walls or floors.  We ensure all substrates are sound, level or true, correctly installed and smooth and consistent prior to application of waterproofing systems. As minimum requirements state in Australian standards.
All buildings are expected to move and shift slightly over time, modern day quality building products are built to exceed the expected movement of residential buildings, which is why our workmanship should also.
A guarantee of two years is provided for all tiling work carried out, including grout. We always use quality adhesives, and on any project we always use a high quality grout additive to greatly improve the chemical and water resistance while also improving the flexibility and strength. Why? Because grout is the first thing to show signs of wear on a tiling project, so why not take an extra two minutes to drastically improve the grout and have it looking great for longer.

Plastering & Painting

For any plastering work carried out, a non-transferrable one year warranty is provided. If the framing work behind the plastering is carried out by Hales Handyman Services this warrantee extends to two years. Painting carried out is covered by a one year non-transferrable warranty. One of the most common faults we see with painting work is the absence of a priming coat, plaster compound should always be pre-primed prior to top coating, in most cases there is always some areas to be primed, especially on newly sheeted areas, Hales handyman services ensures all areas are primed and prepared as required.  


For all concrete slabs, retaining walls and paving 5 year non-transferrable warrantee is provided. All hardscape projects are expected to move, shift, and settle evenly over time. The warranty will cover  any drastic or unacceptable movement, shifting, or settling on the scope of works installed by Hales Handyman Services.
The most common mistake we see in projects like these is lack of substrate preparation and drainage. Why go to all the lengths of building something if the substrate isn't appropriately modified, properly compacted and suitable drainage installed. 


All our carpentry work is covered by a warranty, as carpentry covers a broad scope of works warranty's will vary depending on the scope of works. But generally a minimum of one year non-transferrable warranty is provided.

We welcome all questions and inquiries, so please get in contact regarding any of your queries,